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Best Ways to Take Kratom

Are you interested in trying Kratom for the first time? In addition to choosing which type of Kratom you want to try, you will also need to decide how to take Kratom. There are X main ways to take Kratom.

Fresh Kratom Leaves
In its native region, Kratom is traditionally taken by chewing the fresh leaves. The veins are typically removed first as they are very tough and stringy. You probably won’t be able to find fresh Kratom leaves outside of Southeast Asia though.

Dried Whole Kratom Leaves
Kratom leaves are dried so they can last longer and be shipped worldwide. It is sometimes possible to find whole dried Kratom leaves. These can be steeped in water to make a potent tea. However, it is more common for the dried leaves to be crushed into a powder.

Powdered Kratom
This is the most common form of Kratom. It is also the most diverse. You can mix the powder with a liquid and drink it (put it in a smoothie or milkshake to mask the bitter taste).

Kratom Extract Powder
Kratom extract is more potent than powdered leaves. It is made by taking Kratom leaves and boiling them into a resin. The resin then gets crushed into a powder. Kratom extract powder is often sold in capsules, but it can also be sold as a powder which is mixed with liquids and consumed. When buying Kratom powder, you will see the strength listed as x8 or up to x15. This indicates how concentrated it is compared to conventional powder.

Kratom Capsules
Kratom capsules can be filled with powdered Kratom or with Kratom extract. Because the Kratom has to be put into the capsules, they are pricier than the loose powders. However, the capsules make it very easy to take the Kratom in the recommended dosage, and also allow you to avoid the bitter taste.

Kratom Resin
Kratom resin is fairly hard to find because the resin is usually broken down and sold as a powder. If you do manage to find Kratom resin, you can take it by swallowing small pieces of the resin.

Kratom Tincture
To make Kratom tincture, the Kratom is dissolved in alcohol. The resulting tincture is very potent. To take the tincture, you simply drop it onto or under your tongue.

Which Kratom is Best for Beginners?
For beginners, it is recommended that you try Kratom leaves or powder first – NOT Kratom extracts, resins, tinctures, or other potent forms of Kratom. Remember, each person reacts differently to Kratom, so you should just take a small dosage for starters to see how you respond. Then you can increase the dosage next time to get the desired effect.

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