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Improve Home Air Conditioning Parts

So now our compressor is loose we had to pull it out because the wiring connector the other one I still have one line attached so I can remember not to yank it eat it through all right so the presser is out but mounting bolts that we were after there was the line we disconnected line to the condenser home air conditioning parts tucson.

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We’re actually going to be removing these top mounting pieces to install on the new compressor okay so when we took these apart we left these in the same relationships we know where there’s no confusion on which port went to which one has but we’re going to clean them up to get all the debris off of it okay.

So we ‘re just going to check and see how much oil we had in this compressor we’re also going to see how much oil is here may not get may not get anyone one where the oil is kind of a confusing thing you should always consult an AC expert if you have any further questions but basically a new compressor comes oiled air conditioning parts.

It is a general standard says and it says of six and a half ounces that’s a little over one hundred and ninety-one hundred ninety-two CCS now the system of the vehicle is a hundred and fifty CCSplus or minus so we’re already above with the new one it is controversial on how crucial that is so what we want to do is if.

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We were servicing the old compressor for some other reason we would drain the oil out of the old one if it was less than then we know we had a leak in the system it was more then we want to add back that exact fluid before reinstalling the old compressor HVAC.

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