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Five Facts You Never Knew About Tucson Ac Repair

The receiver dryer and then pretty much go through this process all over again but this time instead of waiting so long after I vacuumed the system down I’m going to start charging it out and I’m first going to start by disconnecting the electrical connection and then it’s just a question of these two millimeters here and then bound underneath here is another this is a bracket that sort of pinches it holds it in place all right before I install this there’s.

some things I need to switch over this is the old one obviously and the new one which I’m grateful came with some new o-rings but we’re going to have to switch over the pressure switch from the old unit to the new and if we line things up we’re also going to have to remove this plug here this is where the lines attach so we’re going to need to remove this plug up here and install our pressure switch there and you know what there’s a new o-ring here so I’m actually going to use this o-ring instead of the old one since its new I’m still going to add just a little bit of refrigerant oil and remove the old.

Don’t want a double o-ring it won’t seal that’s close with the site class I think we’ll be okay though now screwdriver and peel off the old o-rings I’m also going to compare them to the new o-rings to make sure they are a similar size and thickness and I’m going to be honest the Q o-ring looks a little bit smaller than the old one I actually think I’m going to go with the old o-rings they don’t they’re still very pliable they’re not damaged in any way so I’m going.

To just reuse the old ones and lube them up now we’re ready to install our new part just gonna slide right in it’s got a couple of stickers that seal off the top peel those off now that’s that and this is where I’m going to choose to end this video I’m just going to focus on the repair and the detection of leaks in this video I’m going to make another separate video altogether about evacuating the system in recharging it we touched on it a little bit in this video.

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